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The Focus Is On the Second Amendment

Local, County, State and Federal candidates electioneering for political office in 2020, 


We are discouraging political campaigns (those running for elected office) to set up booths and/or tables at this event. We also ask that there be no “PAID” signature collectors gathering signatures for propositions or for individuals running for political office. Volunteer signature gatherers are welcomed. 

Please understand that although we may personally support your campaign or cause we are trying to keep the pro-2nd Second Amendment message clearly in focus. If you have any questions, please call Tim at 480-203-1051


Booth set-up

General Information.

Equipment, props, banners, signs, tents, etc. used in conjunction with an Activity may not be

staked into the ground nor affixed to or drawn on the trees, vegetation, landscaping, poles,

monuments, sidewalks or buildings. The official responsible for the control of the House of

Representatives wing, the Senate wing or the Legislative Services wing may at any time remove or

cause to be removed any item that would damage State property or inhibit the safe operation of, or

movement into or away from the State Capitol Grounds and the surrounding buildings.

2019 2A Celebration

2019 2A Celebration

please review the below guidelines