1700 West Washington Street, Phoenix, Arizona 85007, United States

RidersUSA, Inc. a 501(c)(3) non-profit

      Since it's formation in 2006 RidersUSA has been an avid supporter of the Constitution and especially our 2nd Amendment! We believe that the "Right to Keep and Bear Arms" is a fundamental and essential element in keeping our nation free. History has proven that when governments actively pursue and implement measures to confiscate firearms from their populace, repression and subjugation oftentimes follow. 

      We at RidersUSA believe that the right to own personal firearms for purposes of self defense, to ward off threats from foreign invasion and to be an effective means in addressing the evils of a tyrannical government is a God Given Right. No person, organization or government has the right to deny these God Given Rights to any law abiding citizen of these United States of America.

      RidersUSA has developed a model with which to counter the propaganda and misinformation as being disseminated by a well funded yet misguided anti-gun lobby. As this political assault on basic human rights grows and gathers momentum, RidersUSA has set out on a fact based mission to educate the general populace in how the possession of personal firearms by the law abiding make this nation actually safer and more secure.

      To this end RidersUSA has been sponsoring pro-2nd Amendment events since 2014. We invite many experts in gun rights and responsible gun ownership to speak at these events. Through self awareness and along with our much cherished partnerships with AZFirearms and Gun Freedom Radio we have developed a family friendly environment where parents can bring their children so both young and older participants can share in the learning experience together.

      RidersUSA believes that we can never become complacent and take for granted our rights as granted by our Constitution. There are those actively engaged in trying to take those rights away from you. Maintaining and nurturing our 2nd Amendment guarantees that those rights can never be stolen. Please join us in unity and celebration on Feb 15, 2020!